Combined heat and power (CHP) systems

An innovative combined heat and power system (CHP)

The CHP system provides a combined heat and power solution, generating 5 kW of electric power and up to 7 kW of heating power in combined heat and power (CHP) mode.

Our system is engineered to handle a variety of fuels, making it compatible with natural gas, propane/LPG, or biogas for versatile operation. Employing proton exchange membrane technology (PEM-FC) within a fuel cell, it efficiently converts these fuels into electrical power through a streamlined process. The unit is equipped with an advanced power management system that can seamlessly adapt to both AC and DC power sources. It offers the flexibility to be integrated into the grid or installed independently, catering to individual preferences and needs.

Product facts




Natural gas, LPG/propane, and biogas


Electrical power up to 5 kW and heating power up to 7 kW


Commercial buildings, large households (on- and off-grid), telecommunication stations, smaller farms with access to biogas


Our system is adaptable to various fuels, including natural gas, propane/LPG, and biogas, offering versatility in operation. It maintains low levels of noise and vibration, enhancing safety through the elimination of open flames.


The CHP system significantly reduces emissions, emitting 170 times fewer nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons and 27 times less carbon monoxide compared to conventional technology. It also produces no sulfur oxide emissions.


With an electrical efficiency exceeding 35 percent, the CHP system demonstrates remarkable energy efficiency, more than doubling that of conventional diesel generators.


Operating costs for fuel are less than half those of conventional diesel generators, making it a cost-effective choice.

Our technology

Our technology relies on patented reactor configurations with catalyst functions, specifically designed for reforming processes. These configurations employ an innovative principle wherein rapid heat exchange is facilitated through heat integration in the reactor wall.

In the reactor in the CHP system, a fuel processor based on fuel vapor reforming is combined with a PEM fuel cell. This integration allows for both fuel processing and power generation within our system.

System Overview

Our integrated system solution includes the following components:

  • Fuel processor with hydrogen production: In the fuel processor, hydrogen is created by reforming the fuel, which forms the basis for energy production
  • PEM fuel cell stack for use in low temperatures: using the hydrogen produced in the fuel processor, power is generated in the low-temperature PEM fuel cell stack
  • Batteries and energy management: the excess power produced is managed and stored using batteries and an electronic energy management system
  • Control system: Our advanced control system controls the device and ensures the proper, smooth and safe operation of the H2PS-5