Sweden’s first self-sufficient hydrogen refuelling station

Project Overview

In 2023, Metacon inaugurated its innovative system for electrolysis and hydrogen refuelling (HRS) in Uppvidinge municipality. The project, in collaboration with the end customer Uppvidinge Vätgas AB, covers two strategically located locations and will provide the market with green hydrogen of the highest quality, intended as a fuel for both heavy transport vehicles and passenger cars. Metacon has been a leader in the project and has collaborated with specialised partners such as Peric Technologies Ltd, which is responsible for the manufacturing of the hydrogen equipment, and GISAB, which handles the installation and commissioning.


Location 1 – hydrogen production

The hydrogen production facility is located in a secluded location in the forest. The installation is adjacent and directly connected to an existing wind farm with a capacity of 1 MW. This plant is equipped with an alkaline electrolyser with a capacity of 0.5 MW. There are two containers, one which houses the electrolyser, hydrogen purification and control systems, and another which contains the water purification system and associated equipment.

In addition to the electrolyser, the facility also includes a low-pressure compressor and a dispenser to fill up portable hydrogen tanks at a pressure of 300 bar. This solution enables smooth and easy handling of hydrogen.

Location 2 – The hydrogen refuelling station in Älghult

Only 15 minutes drive from the electrolyser in Älghult is a hydrogen refueling station (HRS). Here we have the capacity to deliver as much as 100 kg of hydrogen per day. When our portable storage tank is filled with hydrogen from the electrolyser, it is moved to the HRS in Älghult. The hydrogen gas is transferred to a special medium-pressure compression and storage tank. From these tanks, the hydrogen can then be ejected at 350 bar pressure for heavy vehicles. For passenger cars, we also offer a high-pressure, 700 bar option.

For a sustainable future

Uppvidinge Hydrogen has been designed with the future in mind. The HRS is open to anyone who wants to refuel with hydrogen as a green fuel alternative. The current main user is a forestry company involved in logistics operations in the region, and together with Volvo they are testing hydrogen-powered trucks in a real-world environment. This project is an exciting demonstration of how we are taking steps towards decarbonisation to build a more sustainable future.

Project facts




0,5MW alkaline electrolyser


Älghult, Sweden

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