Technologies for the fuel and energy of the future

Innovative and high-quality solutions in hydrogen production are our focus. With strong partnerships and an advanced technology portfolio, we are ready to meet the increasing demand for fossil-free “green” hydrogen.

Metacon’s products and solutions have the potential to contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and resilient energy and transport systems of the future in our societies. Since most cities and municipalities already have or have the opportunity to acquire biogas production and fossil-free electricity supply from, local sources Metacon’s solutions are ideal. Hydrogen for city buses and other traffic can be produced from the company’s own local resources and create increased independence from both imported fossil fuels and centralised power supply. Waste heat from electrolysis processes can be added to district heating networks and the oxygen as well as excess heat can benefit biogas production if it is taken care of properly. All in all, there are many new opportunities for self-sufficiency and resilience that open up as a result of Metacon’s products.



In the field of electrolysis, our partner PERIC has extensive ex­perience in the manufacture of alkaline electrolysers with reliable performance. Through their technology and the OEM license agreement, we are positioning ourselves as a leading manufacturer of alkaline electrolysers in the European market. The most efficient method for producing cost-effective fossil-free ”green” hydrogen is currently through alkaline water electrolysis. With this technology, hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity from renewable energy production. This can be done without any carbon dioxide emissions in the process.



Our proprietary, patented reforming process uses unique catalytic surfaces in a high-efficiency reactor to produce hydrogen, eliminating the need for open flames and reducing carbon emissions. Using biogas, biogenic ethanol, or green ammonia as raw materials, our process yields fossil-free, renewable, and climate-neutral hydrogen. Additionally, it can achieve carbon-negative results by utilizing methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and by integrating carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems.

We offer two variants of our catalytic steam reforming process, tailored to different fuel cells and market segments, ensuring efficient and reliable hydrogen production.

Reforming in two basic versions

We offer reforming processes in two variants, designed for different types of fuel cells and market segments. Both variants are based on catalytic steam reforming as a basic principle, which ensures efficient and reliable hydrogen production.

Compact plate design: Designed for integration with mass-produced consumer products, this variant is ideal for fuel-cell CHP systems of around 1-5 kW. It is also adapted for power units and battery chargers. This reforming design operates under low pressure and can be easily integrated with fuel cells powered by the generated hydrogen, where carbon monoxide has been eliminated but carbon dioxide is allowed to pass through both the reforming design and the fuel cell.

Piping construction: Ideal for hydrogen production with a capacity of 10-500 Nm3/h, this variant has been designed to meet high hydrogen purity requirements, with production under a pressure of 8-10 bar. This enables effective purification up to an impressive 99.999 percent, through a technology called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). With this powerful combination package, we can offer hydrogen of the highest quality for industrial processes and combined heat and power systems with fuel cells, as well as fuel for hydrogen-powered vehicles or hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines.


We contribute to a greener future.


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