Hydrogen distribution

Hydrogen distribution solutions

We aim to address various business needs in hydrogen distribution with versatile capabilities. Our integrated and stand-alone hydrogen refueling stations are adaptable, handling different capacities and pressures. Integrated stations manage hydrogen generation, storage, and distribution, with capacities ranging from 10 kg to 3500 kg per day and filling pressures up to 700 bar.

We also offer hydrogen components and spare parts, as well as solutions for hydrogen storage and transportation. Our expertise and global collaborations help maintain high safety standards and efficient project completion. Our goal is to support the accessibility and convenience of hydrogen-based transportation for a wide range of business activities.

Product facts


Hydrogen, 350 bar or 700 bar


Hydrogen-powered vehicles including refuelling of heavy transport


We aim to support sustainability by providing solutions based on clean energy and reduced emissions. Our hydrogen refuelling stations offer an option for those looking for environmentally conscious mobility solutions.


We offer adjustable capacity to ensure hydrogen availability matches your needs.


We offer a comprehensive range of hydrogen infrastructure components, including tanks, dispensers, and safety systems.


From integrated solutions for rapid refuelling to stand-alone stations that seamlessly integrate into existing setups, we offer diverse options to suit your requirements.

Integrated hydrogen refuelling station

Metacon specialise in integrated hydrogen refuelling stations, a comprehensive solution that unites the generation, storage and distribution of hydrogen. With tailor-made, complete projects, we offer a unique opportunity for hydrogen generation through water electrolysis or gas reforming. The capacity can be adjusted according to needs, from 10 kg to 3500 kg per day, with the desired working pressure and number of dispensers. Our integrated system enables a smooth transition to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Stand-alone hydrogen refuelling station

For those focused only on the distribution of hydrogen, we offer stand-alone hydrogen refueling stations that are adapted to different sources and hydrogen pressures. This solution is ideal for existing electrolyzers or storage devices. With capacities ranging from 5 kg to 3500 kg per day and adjustable filling pressures of 200, 350 or 700 bar, our stations meet all safety requirements. Our stations are designed to be compact and easy to install, whether it’s a 20-foot container or a bespoke solution.

Hydrogen components

Our products are supported by comprehensive aftermarket centers and trusted service partners, ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of your hydrogen systems. From discharge and filling units to compressors and dispensers, we offer spare parts and components for both our own projects and other facilities. Our experts can guide you to the best solutions on the market and ensure efficient and profitable operations.

Hydrogen storage and transport

To maximize the benefits of hydrogen, we also offer advanced solutions for storage and transport. Our experience and established partnerships with global suppliers enable the integration of storage with capacities up to 5000 kg and pressures up to over 1000 bar. We ensure proper output pressure through our devices and offer static storage or mobile storage options to the highest safety standards.