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Metacon is a leading energy technology company that specializes in developing and selling innovative products for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat. By taking overall responsibility for the process, from concept to installation, we play a crucial role in promoting a greener future through efficient energy and hydrogen solutions.

Since Metacon was founded in Karlskoga in 2011, the company has established itself as a reliable partner in the energy sector. We are at the forefront of offering patented technologies that enable cost-effective production of hydrogen from biogas and other hydrocarbons. Our offering ranges from ready-to-use electrolyzers to complete hydrogen refuelling stations.

With a growing presence in several European countries through our sales organization, we not only offer exceptional products but also our extensive expertise. We strive to make sustainable energy and hydrogen production a reality across Europe, and our commitment to promoting environmentally friendly solutions is deeply rooted in everything we do.

Since September 2022, Metacon has been listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The shares are traded under the ticker META and ISIN code: SE0003086214.

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Metacon’s vision

To become a leading supplier of systems for local hydrogen production in Europe for the industrial and transport sectors.

Metacon’s mission

To provide leading technologies and solutions for the production of green hydrogen – a key tool for the transition to clean energy and fossil-free fuel supply.

Clear customer segments emerge for Metacon

Metacon has one of the market’s broadest portfolios of products and solutions in the hydrogen field. We are focusing on larger-scale hydrogen production for selected customer segments in basic industries, renewable energy production (storage of wind and solar power) and the transport sector. We also evaluate opportunities in marine applications and the real estate sector, and continuously evaluate the maturity of both our own solutions and our customers. Our core products, based on proprietary, patented technology, include green hydrogen production through reforming of biogas or other energy sources. We also offer robust and cost-effective electrolysis plants, which are designed to be suitable for both small- and very large-scale production for customers with access to fossil-free electricity.

Basic industry

For Metacon, the industrial sector is an important segment with several different customer categories, including fossil-free steel production, green ammonia and refinery plants as these show an advanced degree of maturity. We have the capacity to offer large-scale and cost-effective alkaline electrolysis plants, including plants spanning over 500 MW, which few players in the market can.

Renewable energy storage

Metacon offers scalable hydrogen systems in both electrolysis and reforming, which enables adaptation to customer needs. These systems can be integrated directly with fossil-free sources such as hydropower plants, wind turbines, solar parks or biogas plants to offer sustainable and carbon-neutral hydrogen production and thereby off-grid energy storage.

Transport sector

The automotive industry needs to change to reduce its climate impact. Metacon offers solutions in hydrogen production and hydrogen refuelling to meet this need. But we also have new innovative solutions under development with partners. For example, we convert ethanol into hydrogen for fuel cells, which can enable off-grid fast charging for battery-electric vehicles.

Sustainable shipping

Metacon has interesting technologies for the shipping industry where strict emission regulations are driving the demand for hydrogen-based solutions. Our so-called ammonia cracker technology has the potential to enable the operation of ships completely free of carbon dioxide emissions.