Sustainability is part of our business

Our business concept is based on being a driving force for the transition to fossil-free energy and fuel supply, which is crucial to combat climate change. As a leading player in this transition, we strive both to enable an emission-free society and at the same time to actively reduce our own emissions.


Metacon’s pursuit of a healthy and sustainable future is our main ambition. In 2023, we initiated work for ISO certification and began to integrate sustainability principles into important parts of our business. In line with our long-term goals, in 2024 we will continue our work in the area of sustainability and improve our reporting processes. By openly and clearly communicating our sustainability progress and challenges to our stakeholders in the future, we are taking a further step towards creating a more transparent and sustainable business operation. We see sustainability reporting as more than just a task to measure our performance. It is an opportunity for us to identify areas where we can make a greater positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.


Metacon’s business model focuses on sustainable value creation with the help of technology and has the potential to play a crucial role in promoting the transition to a greener energy transition. Our vision is clear: to become a leading supplier of systems for local hydrogen production in Europe for the industrial and transport

We specialise in the development and sale of energy systems that enable the production of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is a key component of the sustainable energy transition, as it acts as a zero-emission fuel and increases security of supply in electricity and heat production.

By offering innovative solutions for local hydrogen production, we contribute to creating the conditions for a fossil-free energy transition and reduced emissions. For us at Metacon, sustainability means actively working to reduce our climate impact and promote societal development in accordance with the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Central to our sustainability strategy is to conduct business responsibly and to continuously improve our management of environmental and social impacts.


Through our daily work at Metacon, we seek to create a positive impact and actively contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These goals aim to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices, promote peace and
justice, and solve the climate crisis.

Metacon embraces and supports the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strives to actively contribute to their fulfilment. By focusing our daily work on the goals where we can make the most tangible difference, we are taking a step closer to a more sustainable and equitable world.


Our contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals

We work towards sustainable energy through our efforts and innovations in green hydrogen production and the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency for a more climate-friendly energy supply.

Our ambition is to promote full employment, a healthy working environment and fair working conditions. Promoting fairness and equality in the workforce is a central part of our corporate
We strive to reduce our environmental impact and improve the use of natural resources in manufacturing and projects through collaboration with actors in our sustainable practices value chain, strengthening both our position and theirs.

We aim to lead the transition to fossil-free energy and fight climate change through breakthrough technologies and innovations.