Johan Berggren

Chief Business Officer Electrolyser
Consultant for the Company since 2021
Education: Forestry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Experience: For the past 35 years, he has worked as CEO in wind power, bioenergy and the forest industry, as well as with sales and construction of energy plants. His most recent assignment was as CEO of the world-leading biochar company BioEndev AB, which produces renewable fuels for the energy industry, the steel industry and oil refineries.
Other current assignments: QIN Capital AB, Water2H2 AB, Silvi Energy Eastern Europe AB, Forest Peak AB, Silvi Energy AB, Holmsund Biocarbon Plant AB, Urogallus AB, Smauland & Partners.
Holdings in Metacon: 851,286 via company, 250,000 warrants in series 2021/2024, 400,000 warrants in series 2023/2025 and 344,828 warrants in series TO1