Christer Wikner

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President
Employed since 2021
Education: Executive MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics, Chemist at Uppsala University and PhD in Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Karolinska Institutet.
Experience: With experience from responsible positions at prominent companies such as Amersham and General Electric with a focus on the development and international launch of complex system products, including roles such as Business Development Manager and Head of Strategic Growth. I also have many years of experience as an entrepreneur in CleanTech, digitalization/SaaS and sustainability.
Other board assignments: Force Alignment AB, Prolivital Sweden AB, Twai AB, Sofia Wikner Estetik AB, Move AB, United Strategy AB, Metacon Warrant AB, Water2H2 AB, ETT Easy To Trust AB, BOFLEX AB, Towards Zero Waste AB , Turn Energy AB
Other current assignments: Deputy Board Member of Metacon Warrant AB
Holdings in Metacon: 166,000 shares privately, 1,000,000 warrants in series 2021/2024, 1,300,000 warrants in series 2023/2025 and 34,500 warrants in series TO1