The next step towards sustainable transport: Ammonia-based powertrains from Metacon

Metacon has manufactured and delivered an ammonia-cracking prototype, based on a unique tube-based reactor technology, to Pherousa. The prototype has the ability to efficiently split ammonia into hydrogen and at the same time be compact enough to be integrated on board ships. This opens the possibility of developing carbon-free powertrains based on ammonia. These powertrains can either be internal combustion engines, where a certain amount of hydrogen is added to enable the combustion of ammonia, or fuel cell-based powertrains, where ammonia is converted into hydrogen and then into electricity to power electric motors. It is important to note that both solutions are true “zero-CO2” solutions, as they do not involve any carbon.

The urgent need to transform the transport sector to reduce global warming is a key driver of our work. Studies have shown that the global shipping industry, if it were a country, would be the world’s sixth largest emitter of greenhouse gases. As a result, the shipping industry is facing increased regulation, tax measures, and market-driven pressures to transition from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives.

Ammonia is a very interesting component in the green fuel field. It is a high-performance and readily available hydrogen carrier that can be easily liquefied and is not explosive. The ammonia molecule (NH3) consists of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms and is completely free of carbon. This property makes ammonia a key player in realizing a carbon-free economy. In addition, ammonia has a higher hydrogen content per unit volume than highly compressed hydrogen, making it an attractive resource.

We have overcome chemical challenges to develop a technological solution that efficiently splits the ammonia molecule and generates usable hydrogen. This groundbreaking work is an important step forward towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the transport sector.

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